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Welcome to the MedStar Health Webmail system.

You need to sign on using your Lotus Notes StarName and Internet Password.
Contact the MedStar HelpDesk if you need help with this information.


About Your StarName. Your StarName is located in the StarName field in the MedStar Address Book. Anyone who is using the Lotus Notes client version, or the HelpDesk, can look this up for you. It is usually your name in this format: first.m.last with periods between the first name, middle initial, and last name. If you do not use a middle initial, your StarName may be first.last only. The StarName is not case sensitive. You also have other aliases listed in the User Name field in the MedStar Address Book that may allow you entry into Webmail as well.


About Your Password. Your Lotus Notes Internet Password may or may not be the same as your Lotus Notes Client Password. If you are accessing Webmail for the first time, your Internet and Lotus Notes Client Passwords may well be the same. If you are also a Client user, you may edit your entry to change your own Internet password in the MedStar Address Book. It is encrypted and displays in the Internet password field. Be sure to delete the entire encrypted password from this field. Type your new password. Do not type it between brackets or parenthesis. Just type the password you will want to use. Once you Save & Close, the password will again appear encrypted. The Internet Password is case sensitive. Do not share your password with others.

How to reach the MedStar HelpDesk. Call one of these telephone numbers:

202-877-7731 (Washington area)
410-933-4357 (Baltimore area)
877-777-8787 (Toll free)

Privacy Considerations

Access to the email system is granted only to individuals who have satisfied and abide by the security requirements of MedStar Health.

The email system is to be used primarily to conduct MedStar Health company business.

Acceptable use includes:

  • Communications facilitating valid MedStar work-related activities
  • Professional communications that relate to a person's MedStar-related work skills or activities, or serve to maintain relations associated with a person's professional activities such a membership in professional societies.
  • Communications that help an individual remain current on topics related to knowledge necessary for their responsibilities within MedStar such as communications with vendors and professional colleagues.
  • Occasional use for incidental personal purposes, provided that such use does not significantly impact the employee's productivity as determined by the employee's supervisor.

Unacceptable use includes:

  • Commercial use other than MedStar Health
  • Offensive, defamatory, pornographic or other communication inconsistent with other corporate policies.
  • Communications inconsistent with MedStar Health's Code of Professional Conduct
  • Propagating chain letter e-mails
  • Propagating Computer virus warnings to individuals other than to the MedStar Health Information Systems Director of Security Administration